What is Communication?

Communication can be defined as the act of sending or passing information across to people or someone either by internet, television, radio, phone or telegram. Communication can also be defined as the act of someone passing across or speaking his/her mind to people.

When we are talking about communication in a relationship, communication is something that shouldn’t be neglect; communication is the life chord of a relationship. Communication is very paramount in a relationship just like water and blood are very paramount in human’s body system. We all know that when a body lacks enough blood and water, if care is not taken, the person might die if something is not done very fast. So also is communication in a relationship, when relationship is lacking a good communication and something is not done about it, that relationship might as a result of that crash. 
Have seen many relationships been crashed due to lack of good communication. I’m not just talking about communication here, but a good quality one. There are some communication that will only be full of junks, such as people saying rubbish, talking about sex, pornography, backbiting, such communication won’t help your relationship, it will only destroy your relationship because things that you are discussing are things that God doesn’t like and there is no way God can continue staying in a relationship where their communication is full of junks. The bible made us to understand in the book of Ephesians 4vs29 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers”.
That means let what you discuss in your relationship or say to your partner be that of which it will edify his or he spirit and minister grace unto him or her. You don’t just open your mouth and talk anyhow, you should speak with wisdom, let what will proceed out of your mouth be full of wisdom, let words of wisdom, encouragement be that which will always come out of your mouth. When your words are filled with wisdom and encouragement, your partner will always want to hear something from you, he or she will always want you to be talking because he or she knew that the word that will proceed out of your mouth will be full of wisdom and minister grace unto him or her and filled his or her heart with joy.
Communication goes a long way in a relationship. If we ask some people when last they communicate with their partner, some will say two days ago, last week, and if you ask them why? Some will say they are busy, no credit etc. how can you claim to be in a relationship with someone and there is no good communication between you and the person? Let even assume it is true you don’t have credit or busy, at least the social media is there for you to communicate, either through whatsapp, facebook, imo, skype etc. why can’t you use those medium to communicate instead of given excuses?
And let even assume it is true that you are busy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time to communicate to your partner, either by just sending him/her an SMS. Are you telling me you weren’t given break for launch? Even if you weren’t given, it’s a thing you can excuse yourself, go to the rest room and quickly put a call through him/her, saying hello bae, how’re you doing, I ought to have call you since, but kind busy, hope you’re doing fine? I just want to say hello to you and hear your voice, talk to you later, I love you. Simple as that, it won’t take you up to 5min, except if you don’t want to speak to him/her and I use to say something, no matter how busy someone is, such person will always create or find time to speak to the person he/she loved, except if you don’t truly love the person.
If you can’t talk, then send message to him/her, he/she will be happy, saying despite how busy you are, you still find time to call or send him/her message, he/she will be happy and that will even make your love to keep growing in his/her heart, not the one that before you call, they would have to beg you and persuade you, if I may ask, were you forced to go into the relationship? If no, then why is it that you would have to be persuaded before you call someone you claimed to love? That’s not the way they handle relationship, you don’t need to be forced before calling your partner, some will even say if he/she doesn’t call, then I also won’t call, that’s shows you are still a baby and not old enough to be in a relationship, you don’t wait for your partner to call you before calling him/her, things are not done like that.
If credit is the problem, then go for a CUG line. It won’t cost you less than 2k or 3k depending on the type of network you are going for, after you bought the sim, register it there, and you subscribe on it every month with 1k, after subscribing, you are free to always call as you like, you can talk for the whole day, I will urge you to go for Glo, because only Glo is unlimited while other networks has limited time, you can finish your sub before the month ends, while for Glo, you can’t finish it, it’s unlimited. That’s what I and partner were using before it was stolen. To know more about the CUG line, you can contact either of the admin. Communication is very paramount if you truly want to make your relationship work and last.

Communication is not all about talking, it’s all about you given a listening ear, getting the message and you also passing across the right message, don’t be after what you have to say, some people while communicating with their partner, they won’t listen, their mind will be on what they have to say and not given a listening ear to what their partner is saying, there is no way you can have a successful communication. You’ve to forget about what you have to say and listen to what your partner is saying at that time, when you gives a listening ear to him or her; you will be able to get the real message and what he or she is saying


When we are talking about benefits of communication in a relationship, they are many, but I will be sharing with you just only 7.

IT CONNECTS THE HEART TOGETHER: One of the first benefits I will be sharing with you is that communication connects the heart of two people together. What do I mean? When there is a good communication between you and your partner, it will always connect the heart of the two of you together. For example, when you are listening to a news or a program either on TV or Radio, and you discover that the news or the program is very interesting, your heart will be connected to it so that you won’t miss anything or what they are saying, all your attention, body and even soul will be on that program you are watching or listening too, to the extent that you will be curious of listening to it another time.
Another example, I already know the time I and my fiancée do talk on phone due to her school stuff, when it’s already time or about to, and I haven’t see her call or missed call on my phone, my mind won’t be @peace, there is nothing you asked me @that time that I’ll be able to answer you. Even I won’t be able to do anything, my body will be disorganized, why? Because I haven’t seen her call or flashing, but the moment her call came in, my heart will be connected back, and at times when we are talking on phone, it always look like we are together. 
A good communication will always connect your heart together, some people won’t hear their partner’s voice for like two or three days and they will feel relaxed and comfortable about it, saying if he/she doesn’t call, they won’t call. They don’t do things like that, don’t wait until your partner call you before you also call back, you should try to call him/her, if your partner doesn’t call you and you also doesn’t call, sorry to say, you are  not yet matured, you are both still a baby who isn’t meant to be in a relationship.
The reason why I said if I didn’t see her call I won’t get myself, it is not that if she doesn’t call I won’t call her, no, it is because at times she will have lecture by 7a.m to 4pm and even at times till 6pm and I know that either by 5 or 6pm she would have been back home and call me, but once it exceed that time and she hasn’t call, I don’t always hesitate to call her, she will just be like she is just getting home. So don’t wait for your partner to call you before calling him/her.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO KNOW HOW HE/SHE IS DOING: Another benefits of communication is that it allows you to know how your partner is doing. At times your partner might not be in a good mood or ok, but how do you want to know since you’re not together and he/she did not want to tell you? You can only know when there is a good communication between you and your partner. Once he/she call you and you are familiar with him/her very well on phone, you know how he/she do talk or sound when happy or in a good mood, then that will let you know when he/she is not in a good mood or happy. Let even assume he/she is trying to hide it from you, you will know, except if you aren’t familiar with his/her voice on phone.
Anytime I called her and something is wrong with her and she doesn’t want to tell me, I use to know, no matter how she tried to hide it from me, I will always know, just because am already familiar with her voice on phone, I know how she talk when she is happy and when she is not happy, I was able to know that because there is a regular and good communication between us.
This can be known when you call, that’s why am saying you shouldn’t base your communication on social media alone, always do phone call or video call, that’s when you can know how he/she is doing. When something is wrong with him/her, you can’t know, because you can’t hear his/her voice, you are only chatting and you can still know except if you are doing a video call. So good communication lets you know how your partner is feeling. 

IT MAKES YOU POUR OUT YOUR MIND: Another benefits of communication is that it allows you to pour out your mind to your partner, either there is something your partner did or doing and you don’t like it, or there is something going on in your relationship which you don’t like, communication is what will allow you to be able to pour out your mind to your partner and to be able to resolve it between yourselves. But when there is no good communication between you both, you don’t have time for each other and there is something going on that you don’t like, there is no way you will be able to pour out your mind not to talk of settling it. But once there is good communication, you will be able to pour it out.
Many relationships collapse easily due to lack of good communication in their relationship for them to be able to talk. Some will have to beg, cry before their partner could have time for them to communicate, if care is not taken, your relationship might not last, don’t say because you are meant for each other, he or she can’t find someone else, you make me smile, you better make your relationship work now.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO SETTLE ISSUES: Another benefit of communication is that it allows you to settle issues in your relationship. Like we all know that it is a normal thing for issues to arise in a relationship, but it is a bad thing not to settle that issues on time or be nursing that issues for too long in your heart. It is communication that will allow you to be able to settle it, because you can only talk when you create time to communicate so as to settle the issues.
Some people might be having issues in their relationship for the past three to four days, but because they don’t communicate or create time to communicate, they refuse or couldn’t settle the issues; they kept nursing the issue which is not good. You need to communicate so as to be able to always settle the issues in your relationship, there is no way there won’t be an issue, you are not an angel, so the best thing to do when there is issues is to create time to communicate so as to be able to settle it, either you plan to meet or you call each other and settle it, keeping issues for too long is not good, it allows the devil to be able to attack relationship and destroy it.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO PLAN: Another benefits of communication is that it allows you and your partner to plan things together, such as planning for your future and some other things. 
Some people don’t really know what communication is all about, communication is people coming together, agreeing together in order to be able to share or rub minds together or plan things. When you don’t both agree on communication, there will always be an issue, there is no way you can plan things together.
You and your partner can only plan things together and plan for your future only if there is communication between you both, it is when you communicate that you will be able to plan things together, you can’t plan things together when you don’t both talk or communicate, communication is you opening your mouth to talk, to reasoning with your partner and plan, not you closing your mouth. This kind of communication, I will advise that it should be physical, when you want to plan, you can also plan on phone, but meeting with your partner and plan things together will be better, agree on it and settle it, plan to see each other, so as to communicate and plan things ahead of your future.
When you plan things together while you are in courtship, it will be very easy for you to be doing those things when you are married. But when you refuse to plan ahead, you might likely not find it easy to do them when married because you never talk about it when you are in courtship. And the reason why there is courtship is for you to be able to plan things ahead, study each other, but it’s a pity that some are just doing anyhow, neglecting the paramount things.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO PLAY: Another benefits of communication in a relationship is that it allows you to play together either while together or on phone. You and your partner can only play together when you allow good communication in your relationship. Do you know that when you are playing, you’re communicating to each other? That’s just it, playing together is a sign of communication, if you don’t give room for communication in your relationship, there is no way you can both play together either while chatting on phone, calling or together, it’s not possible, communication is what will allow you to do so. You should communicate and play by cracking jokes, saying something that will make him/her to laugh and laugh.  Even if you don’t have anything to say, look for something to say, you can tell him/her how favored you are to have him/her, how you always feel when you think of him/her, from there the communication will start flowing. Don’t be the boring types; search Google on things to tell your partner, read books on relationship and marriage, it will help you. And while playing, be careful so that you won’t fall into sin, if you know you get moved easily, it’s better for the both of you to go out together to where you can both have fun.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO PRAY: The last point I will be talking about is that it allows you to pray. Communication is the only way you and your partner can both pray together, you can only tell him/her to let you pray together when you open your mouth to talk, if you do not open your mouth to talk, there is no way you can tell your partner to let you pray together. And prayer is the only key that can keep your relationship and protect it from the attack of the enemy, that’s why you don’t need to joke with prayer.
When you are praying, you are also communicating to God, so you need to communicate so as for the both of you to be able to pray together. The bible says we should pray without ceasing. Don’t joke with prayer, it is very paramount. 1Thessalonians 5:17
Communication is the life chord of a relationship while prayer is the pillar that holds it, so none of them should be lacking, if you haven’t been communicating in your relationship, please I’m urging you to start doing so. God bless you in Jesus name, Amen. Thanks for reading.

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