A US married couple are in shock after a DNA test revealed that they are biological twins .

The couple , who were struggling to conceive a child , had visited a fertility clinic , but during the in vitro fertilisation process the doctor discovered there are too many similarities in their DNA profiles.

Investigations, however , revealed that the twins had been separated at a young age after their biological parents died in a car accident . They were adopted into different families , with neither foster family not knowing their adopted child had a twin.

The devastated couple was left at a loss with what to do , as marriage between siblings is outlawed in the southern state .

Neither the couple , who met and fell in love in college , nor doctor can be named for patient confidentiality reasons.

“They were attracted to each other due to their similarities . They felt they could really connect with each other . If only they had known the truth, it could have saved them so much pain later on ,” the doctor told Mississippi Herald .

“For me , it’s a particularly unusual case because my job is all about helping couples conceive a child. This is the first time in my career that I ’ve been glad I haven ’ t succeeded in that regard .”

The penalty for marrying a sibling in Mississippi is up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 500 .


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