Edalaf Tutor is the next generation of Educational Apps that provides you with the following:

1. CHILD SECURITY: You can know your child’s precise location at anytime on the map! This can come in handy when there are emergencies! Your child can also send you SOS messages with his/her location if there is any emergency.

2. SAFE INTERNET: It has algorithms that blocks out pornographic sites and other extreme sites. It even sends you an instant email to report your child to you if he tries visiting such sites. With Edalaf Tutor, you are rest assured that your child will only access the safest part of the internet at all times! 

3. PARENTAL CONTROL: You get to choose the apps you want on your child’s phone and you get alerts on every app installed or uninstalled. You also have your own parent area where you can view browsing histories, educational performances, usage reports, e.t.c

4. ROBUST EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: With over 2000 educational articles and 300,000 practise questions preloaded, your child will never run out of materials to study for exams and get good grades.

Please visit www.edalaftutor.com to learn more or download the app from playstore now!…..   


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