Behind every dark cloud, the sun still shines, these popluar words seem to be holding true for TeeBillz, Tiwa Savage’s husband, who has been off the radar for almost a year.

Teebillz, who is now reunited with his wife and son Jamil, Savage has been thanking God for restoring his life and putting him back in shape.

In a recent post, which he shared with his followers on his Instagram account about the dark days he endured as he battled to put his life back on track,Teebillz said he discovered that God’s miracle and grace are beyond human comprehension.

The artiste manager, who was said to have attempted suicide when his marriage to Savage was troubled said:” From my personal experience, it was hard to believe anything good and even the concept of God is questionable at that moment.”

On how he was able to regain his confidence, Teebillz said: “God was with him on every step of his recovery but it was hard for him to believe.
_ “About a year ago, I never thought I will have a reason to laugh again. But God’s mercies and grace are beyond human comprehension. Trust Him. Keep hope alive. Have faith and His love for you is eternal and unconditional.
If you can see and believe, God’s help is on the way. Hopefully, this picture can help someone out there that is poisoned by stress, under pressure, feeling pain or afraid of failure.God can fix every broken situation in your life.

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