Mc Primate

By Samuel Popoola

Cross section interview with one of the best comedians in Nigeria, Are you really a fan of Mc Primate? Are you ready  to know more about him?

Theatmonline: Good afternoon sir. This is theatmonline a.k.a ATM Blog. Can we meet you sir?

Mc Primate: I am Falana Taiwo Akinboola also known as Mc Primate.

Theatmonline: Nice meeting you sir 

Mc Primate: It’s a pleasure

Theatmonline: Sir, how did you get your start in comedy?

Mc Primate: Well, it’s a long story, I started comedy in 2010, and I started with dance, starting with dance is just a way of detecting I can do this and we bless God its been great.

Theatmonline: When did you first know you were funny?

Mc Primate: Actually I knew this when I was in school, I just see comedy as natural me

Theatmonline: Why did you choose to be a comedian?

Mc Primate: Like I said it’s a natural thing, so I’ll say I chose to be a comedian because it’s what I like doing most. I enjoy doing it 

Theatmonline: But why did you choose comedy over dancing?

Mc Primate: Well I’ll say I prefer comedy to dancing but it’s not like I don’t dance, as I do dance and comedy together.

Theatmonline: who are your influences?

Mc Primate: I don’t have any influence as I don’t look up to be like anyone but to be like myself.

Theatmonline: Since you’ve started comedy, have you ever encounter any obstacle?

Mc Primate: lol, yes. Could remember when I was in school during my degree days, I had a show in another state and I got there late all because I was not mobile.

Theatmonline: But don’t you get discouraging comments from your girlfriend or your family or your friends?

Mc Primate: Well I had that when I started from my parent, they were totally against it but later supported it. But no other obstacle anyway.

Theatmonline: What happens if you do a comedy and people don’t laugh?

Mc Primate: Lol, it’s a bad thing. I don’t pray it ever happen.

Theatmonline: What qualities do other comedians have that you admire?

Mc Primate: Qualities in what aspect? 

Theatmonline: Maybe the way he addresses the audience or the way he delivers his comedy e.t.c 

Mc Primate: Well the only quality I appreciate much in kennyblaq, is the ability to bring music into comedy.

Theatmonline: What advice would you give comedians just starting out?

Mc Primate: Consistency is the key… let’s get focused and determined.

Theatmonline: Are you planning on something apart from comedy? Like being a politician?

Mc Primate: Well like in every human race, BACON says “knowledge is power”… I’ll like to impact knowledge to younger ones that’s like being a lecturer 

Theatmonline: What about the picture you posted on your instagram account?

Mc Primate: Well that’s just to follow a trend then, no intention in politics presently.

Theatmonline: Thank you for your time, we are glad meeting you today sir.

Mc Primate: It’s a pleasure here also.



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